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Founded in 1966, APA is the sales organization for books and journals published by a group of academic and scholarly publishers and booksellers:
Fontes Pers 978 90 302 xxxx x
Gérard Th. van Heusden 978 90 6024 xxx x
G. W. Hissink & Co 978 90 6025 xxx x
Holland University Press / Holland Universiteits Pers 978 90 302 xxxx x
    Idem  [APA] 978 90 6037 xxx x
    Idem  [Fontes Pers / Graphic Publishers] 978 90 6039 xxx x
    Idem  [University Press Amsterdam] 978 90 6042 xxx x
Oriental Press 978 90 6023 xxx x
Philo Press 978 90 6022 xxx x
Apantiqua Antiquarian, old & new books

The group is specialised in both new books and reprint editions in the humanities, with emphasis on:
  • Art & Bibliography: Books about books, book illustration, graphic arts, history of art, history of bookbinding & printing, library science, manuscript studies, oriental art, typography
  • Biblica & Semitica: Old & New Testament, early & orthodox Christianity, Ćthiopica, Armenica, Coptica, Judaica and Hebraica, Syriaca
  • Europeana: European history, languages, literature, religion, history of journalism, learned periodicals, history of ideas and sciences, reference works
  • Medicine, Nautica, Science & Technology: including history of astronomy, biology, mathematics, physics, shipbuilding
  • Orientalia: Oriental art, history, languages, literature, religion, text editions, reference works: Near, Middle and Far East, Africa, Pacific, including Islamic world, Buddhism, India, China, Japan
  • A COMPLETE CATALOGUE of all publications in print is available in PDF and can be searched on a name, word, year of publication, ISBNumber, code number or part thereof.

    Two JOURNALS were published:
  • INCONTRI, Rivista europea di studi italiani (ISSN 0169-3370) (Volume 1: 1985; volume 25: 2010); Volume 25 (2010) issue 2 was published and distributed in April 2011. This is the last issue published by APA.
    Please send all orders and subscriptions from volume 26 (2011) onwards to: www.italiestudies.nl/incontri.htm
    Orders and claims for volumes 0-25 must be sent to APA; separate volumes are available at EUR 10 per issue (volumes 0-16) and EUR 20 per issue (volumes 17-25). A complete set of all volumes published [1-25 (1985-2010) + supplements 1-3] is available at EUR 650.
    For further details click: INCONTRI
  • LIAS, Sources and documents relating to the early modern history of ideas (ISSN 0003-0304) (Volume 1: 1974; volume 36: 2009); Volume 36 (2009) issue 2 and Index to volumes I-36 were published and distributed in March 2010. This is the last issue published by APA.
    Please send all orders and subscriptions from volume 37 (2010) onwards to: www.peeters-leuven.be
    Orders and claims for volumes I-36 (1974-2009) must be sent to APA; separate volumes are available at EUR 25 per issue. A complete set of all volumes [I-36 (1974-2009)] published + Index to vols I-36 is available from APA at EUR 980.
    For further details click: LIAS
  • All prices mentioned are excl. VAT (Value-Added Tax) in the EU and shipping/handling costs.

  • And the following series:
  • Geistliche Literatur der Barockzeit (GLB); available are volumes 1-15, supplements / Sonderbände 1-4.
    A complete set of all (20) volumes published is available at EUR 650; More detailed information
    Just published Supplement / Sonderband 4: Museion Boicum...Festschrift für Hans Pörnbacher...
  • Justiz und NS-Verbrechen, Sammlung deutscher Strafurteile wegen nationalsozialistischer Tötungsverbrechen (volumes 1-22 + Index volume with CD-ROM, etc.);
    also available is the continuation, volumes 23 and following
  • Scripta Artis Monographia (SAM) (volumes 1-2, 4-8, 10-15, 17, 19).
  • Studies of the Pierre Bayle Institute (SIB), Nijmegen (volumes 1 [1973]-34 [2005, last volume, no more volumes will be published in this series]) with emphasis on the history of learned periodicals, 17th-18th centuries, their contributors and editors, and the Republic of Letters.
    A complete set of all volumes published is available at EUR 1398; More detailed information
  • Books and journals are always – with only few exceptions – of high quality, printed on long-lasting acid- and wood-free paper, sewn and bound in cloth or in paper covers

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